R313  Harrison Estep
pp. 586 & 588
[submitted by Emily Badertscher of Delaware, OH]

R313 Harrison ESTEP, son of James S. Estep, M.D. and Sarah Gaston, was born 26 Jul 1833 and married Amanda MESSICK SHORE on 1 Jul 1858.  Amanda was born 26 Aug 1836, daughter of William MESSICK (born 15 Oct 1807) and Eliza RICHARDSON (5 Feb 1815).(1)  Harrison and Amanda are buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marion, IN.(3)  The headstones have just their names.  Amanda died 2 Dec 1917.(5)

Children of Harrison and Amanda:  (1)  (3)
R3131  James Edward ESTEP born 29 Feb 1860; married Isabel KAYE.
R3132  Marrion Jane ESTEP born 21 Apr 1861; married Herbert WEBSTER
27 Nov 1884.
R3133  Harry Avery ESTEP born 20 May 1862; married Ella LYHIRST 1 Jul 1886.
R3137  William Henry ESTEP born 31 Aug 1863, died May 1873, buried I.O.O.F.
Cemetery, Marion, IN.
R3134  Amanda (Rin?) ESTEP born 15 Nov 1865.
R3138  Albert Shore ESTEP born 5 Apr 1867, died Mar 1941. (1)  Married 16 Jan 1901
to Evalena NEAL (4), born 18 Aug 1868, died 12 Jun 1945.  They lived in Marion,
IN, later in Columbus, OH.  Both buried I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marion, IN. (2)  (3)
Children, born in Marion, IN:
R31381  Marian Theresa ESTEP born 14 Aug 1903, died 10 May 1993.
Never married.
R31382  Robert Shore ESTEP born 6 Aug 1908, died Apr 1988, married
9 Jul 1932 to Ruth Alberta BOWMAN born 23 Jun 1911 in Washington
Co., OH, and is living with her daughter Emily BADERTSCHER. (2)
R313821  Joseph Albert ESTEP born 11 Dec 1935, Columbus, OH;
married Barbara VAN AKIN.
R313822  Emily Jeanne ESTEP born 19 Feb 1939, Columbus, OH;
Victor BADERTSCHER.  Divorced.
Children (both adopted):
R3138221  Laurie Ann BADERTSCHER born 1 Jul 1966, Duluth, MN.
R3138222  Edwin Robert BADERTSCHER born 25 Dec 1970, St. Paul,
R3135  Walter Hewitt ESTEP born 17 Jan 1868; married Lillian (Charett?) BARNARD
1 Jul 1891.
R3136  Charles Francis ESTEP born 2 Apr 1870, died as a child; buried I.O.O.F.
Cemetery, Marion, IN.


(1)  According to Emily Badertscher, the family Bibles of the Estep and Messick families were given to a church many years ago by R31381 Marian Theresa Estep, after she had extracted the family records.  Therefore, the publishers, place and date of publications are lost.

(2)  Personal knowledge of Ruth Alberta Bowman Estep, mother of Emily Badertscher.

(3)  Tombstone inscriptions, I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Marion, IN.

(4)  From the Neal family Bible pages.

(5)  Written by R31381 Marian Theresa Estep on the back of a 1915 photo in the possession of Emily Badertscher.

Comment by Emily Badertscher:  "As to who Mr. Shore was, the mystery was never explained in any conversation my mother can recall.  The name was given to my Grandfather Albert Shore Estep and to my dad, Robert Shore Estep.  I wish I had a clue."

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