R3131 James Edward Estep
Page 588
[Submitted by Margot Kaye Estep, Pittsburgh, PA]

R3131  James Edward ESTEP, son of R313 Harrison ESTEP and Amanda MESSICK,
was married to Isabelle S. KAYE, born c1866 in PA, died 20 Nov 1942 at age 76. (1)
R31312  Walter ESTEP born c1880 in Allegheny Co PA. (2)   Never married.  Died in
Indiana sometime in the 1960s.
R31313  Edna ESTEP born c1882 in Allegheny Co PA. (3)  Married Harry HOLLAND.
R313121  Jane HOLLAND born in early 1920s, died in early 1990s; married Carl
R3131211 Valerie BURT, born c1956, adopted.(7)
R313122  Harry HOLLAND, born sometime in the mid-1920s.(7)
R31311  Harry Allison ESTEP - see ESTEP, Thomas Sr., page 588.  He died 28 Feb
1968 in Allegheny Co PA. (4)
R31314  William Kaye ESTEP born 8 Aug 1891 in Grant Co IN. (5)   Died 18 Oct 1972
in Allegheny Co PA.  Married Margaret COLCORD 19 Apr 1927. (6)
R313141  Margot Kaye ESTEP born 20 Feb 1928 at Clairton, PA.
R313142  Bradford ESTEP born 28 June 1930 at Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Co PA.
Both children are currently living in the Pittsburgh, PA area.


(1)  Newspaper clipping from the New York Times (reported because she was Harry's mother).

(2)  According to Allegheny County Deed 493:547 Harrison Estep was still residing in Allegheny Co PA.

(3)  ibid.

(4)  Newspaper clipping , name unknown.

(5)  A photostat of an affidavit of birth of William Kaye Estep signed by Isabelle S. Estep.  "I have been unable to determine whether she was Isabelle Smith Kaye or Isabelle Kaye Smith before she married R3131 James Edward Estep.  Her maiden surname was Kaye in any event.  She was born in Pennsylvania according to the aforementioned affidavit, probably in Beaver County since that is where some of the rest of her relatives lived."

(6)  Marriage record (application and minister's certificate) showing marriage of William Kaye Estep to Katherine Margaret Colcord on 19 April 1927.

(7) Personal knowledge of Margot Kaye Estep.

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