R9331 Nellie May Estep
Pages 637 and 638
[Submitted by Bedford Murray Pickup, Chatsworth, CA
and Merilou Dermont Johnson, Cattaraugus, NY]

R9331 Nellie May ESTEP, daughter of  R933 William T. and Harriet V. ARMSTRONG ESTEP, born 9 Feb 1874 in Pittsburgh, PA; died 8 Mar 1936 in Cattaraugus, NY.  Married on 24 Dec 1893 in Cleveland, OH to Charles Henry Frederick SCHULTZ, son of Christian SCHULTZ and Caroline DYER.  Charles was born 8 Apr 1867 in Woul, Germany, died 22 Jun 1940 in Cattaraugus, NY.  He and Nellie are buried in Liberty Park Cemetery, Carttaraugus, NY.

Children of Nellie May ESTEP and Charles SCHULTZ:
R93311  Gladys Edelweiss SCHULTZ born 14 Nov 1894 in Cleveland OH; died
19 Apr 1979 in Tri-County Hospital, Gowanda, NY.  She married first Walter Jay
WILDER; second to Ray Martin DERMONT on 7 Dec 1933 in Gowanda, NY. 
Ray DERMONT was born 16 Oct 1895 in Township of Persia; died 17 Jun 1978
in Tri-County Hospital, Gowanda, NY.  Ray is the son of William DERMONT
and Emogene PRINCE.  Ray and Gladys are the parents of R933112 Merilou
DERMONT born 20 Apr 1935, Old Prince farm,Cattaraugus, NY.  Married first
David George LULAS; 2nd John Charles JOHNSON on 11 Jun 1953.
R93312  Edward Charles SCHUTZ born 26 Feb 1899 in Cattaraugus, NY; died
10 Dec 1971 in Cattaraugus, NY.  Married on 24 Dec 1927 to Mildred Emiline
PERSCH in Cattaraugus, NY.
R93313  Ross Henry SCHULTZ born 10 Mar 1902 on 1521 2nd Ave., Beaver Falls,
PA; died Oct 1980 in Cattaraugus, NY.  Married on 6 Jul 1922 to Edith M.
SHRAEDER on Shraeder Farm, Otto, NY.
R93314  Grant Frederick SCHULTZ born 28 Nov 1904; died 28 Nov 1904 at birth.
R93315  Dorothy Mae SCHULTZ born 11 Aug 1908 on farm Snyder Hill, New Albion;
died 12 Jun 1974 in hospital, Buffalo, NY of lung cancer.  She was a Camel smoker. 
Married 1st to Hiriam GROSS, 2nd Leon BEACH, 3rd Max BRYFOLGE, and
4th Elmer R. SPIRE on 27 Jun 1947.
R93316  Helen Louise SCHULTZ born 26 May 1914 in Town of New Albion on the
farm at Snyder Hill, NY.  Married on 3 Sep 1938 to Bedford Dowens PICKUP in
Cattaraugus, NY on 8 Ellicot St (the Murray Pickup home).  Bedford Dowens
PICKUP was born 19 Oct 1914 in Cattaraugus, NY, the son of Murray Bedford
PICKUP and Laura Christine DOWENS.  They are the parents of R933162 Bedford
Murray PICKUP born 7 Dec 1942 in Lakawanna, NY at Our Lady of Victory
hospital.  He married on 22 Oct 1966 Susan Jane FRENZEL in the Hamburg
Methodist Church, Hamburg, NY.

The above information comes from Bedford Murray Pickup's mother, Helen Schultz Pickup, still living at 85 years of age, and from the family records kept by Helen Pickup's older sister, Gladys Schultz Dermont, which are now in the possession of Merilou Dermont Johnson.
Also available are:
Certificate of Baptism of Nellie May Schultz, daughter of William and Harriet Estep, dated 5 Feb 1931.  (certificate states her birthdate as 9 Feb 1874).
State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Marriage License of Charles Schultz and Nellie Estep dated 21 Dec 1893.

Photos submitted by Bedford M. Pickup

More photos submitted by Margaret Ann (Schultz) North

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