R9333 William Carey Estep
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[Submitted by Walter J. Kaczmarczyk, Buffalo, NY]

R9333 William Carey ESTEP, son of R933 William Thomas ESTEP and Harriet Virginia ARMSTRONG was born 30 Jul 1878 in San Francisco, CA(1), died 10 Feb 1959 in Beaver Falls, PA.  He married Amelia Martha HOHNADLE on 12 Aug 1901 in Beaver Falls, PA, daughter of  Jacob HOHNADLE and Mary DEEMER.  Amelia, called Minnie, was born 1881, died 1946.
Patricia Marie Estep BOYD, granddaughter, said the family moved to San Francisco for work, but when work could not be found they moved back to Beaver Falls.  Later they moved to St. Catherines, Canada when son Eugene Harold ESTEP was struck with polio.  Nothing could be done to help him so they moved back to Beaver Falls.

Children of William Carey ESTEP and Amelia HOHNADLE:
R93331  William Jacob ESTEP born 14 May 1902, Beaver Falls, PA; died 9 Dec 1990
in Jacksonville, FL.
R93332  Eugene Harold ESTEP born 30 Jan 1907; died April 1983, Beaver Falls, PA.
Married Mabel YOUNG who had a son named Chucky from a previous marriage.(2)


(1) Recorder's Office, San Francisco, CA, Affidavit of Birith, notarized 8 Feb 1941 in Allegheny Co. PA, signed by William C. Estep's brother, John R. Estep of  704 (Mons?) Av., Glassport, PA.
(2) Application for Social Security number by Eugene Harold Estep dated 16 Oct 1941.

Photos submitted by Walter Kaczmarczyk

Photos submitted by Bedford M. Pickup

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