SA621  Jacob W. Eastep / Estep
[submitted by Nova A. Lemons], updated 20 Oct 2004

SA621  Jacob W. EASTEP / ESTEP was born 11 Sep 1841 in Ashe Co., NC to [SA62] Greenberry "Berry" G. ESTEP and Louisa EDWARDS.  He was on 1850 Ashe Co., NC census as a 9 year old with his parents, Berry and Louisa ESTEP.(1)  In 1859, Alleghany Co. was created from a portion of Ashe Co. and the ESTEPs found themselves in the new county where they were listed on 1860 census.(2)  Jacob was 19 years old, single and living with his parents.  He enlisted in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry and served during the Civil War.(3)

According to the ESTEP, Thomas, Sr. ... book, Jacob married 14 Dec 1865 in Wilkes Co. (?), NC to Sarah CROUSE.(4)  A search through the NC marriage records does not show a marriage for this couple.  Since their first child was born in IN or IA, it is possible that they married in either state.  There were several CROUSE families in Alleghany Co., NC.  Sarah Jane's parents are not known yet.

Jacob and his young family were on 1870 Hardin Co., IA census in the household of H. C. POOL.(5)  His occupation was listed as a carpenter.  The birthplace of their oldest child is not handwritten clearly on this record, but it might be IN (per 1900 census).  It is not known how long this family remained in IA, but they were there as late as 1872 and in TX as early as 1877. 

According to Sarah's pension application, Jacob W. ESTEP died 7 May 1877.(6)  He could have died in IA or TX, or in between.  It is more likely that he died in TX for Sarah wouldn't uproot her family of young children and move from IA to TX by herself.  A search was made through 1880 soundex for both states with no success.  The published 1880 TX census index book does not list this family.  Sarah stated in her pension in 1907 that she had been living in Kaufman Co., TX for 18 years, which would place them in this county as early as 1889.(6)

Sarah Jane EASTEP continued to live in Kaufman Co. where she eventually filed a pension application as a widow of Jacob W. EASTEP on 5 Mar 1907.(6)  Her age was listed as 62 and she had been a resident of Kaufman Co. for 18 years.  She stated that she married J. W. EASTEP on 14 Jan 1866 in Alleghany Co., NC.  He served for NC through the war and never applied for pension.  She had 2 cows and 1 yearling, all worth $30, and was unable to support herself.  Her occupation was weaving carpets.  H. D. EASTEP (age 63) and Hiram S. EDWARDS (age 69), both of Alleghany Co., NC, filed affidavits on 26 Mar 1907 stating that they both knew J. W. EASTEP and that he served in Co. F 22nd Regiment NC Volunteers from 1861 to 1864.  H. D. EASTEP would be Jacob's brother Haywood D. ESTEP.(4)  Hiram EDWARDS was likely a relative through Jacob's mother, Louisa (EDWARDS) ESTEP.  J. L. EASTEP [son] also filed an affidavit on 24 Mar 1908.  The military records in this file showed a J. W. ESTEP (also as a Jacob W. ESTEP) as a private who enlisted on 27 May 1861 in Co. F, 22nd NC Infantry for the Confederacy.  He was on company roll dated 31 Oct 1864, latest on file, as absent without leave since 7 Sep 1864.  Jacob ESTEP, Corporal, of Co. F, 22nd NC Troops appeared on the "Roll of Honor."  Sarah's pension application was approved on 31 Mar 1908.  Later, someone penciled in "Dead 10-10-39" on the top corner of the file cover.(6)

Sally EASTEP and her daughter Myrtie lived with the family of her married daughter Ella YANT on the 1900 Kaufman Co., TX census.(7)  Sally had 6 children, with all of them living in 1900.  The 1910 and 1920 TX soundex do not list Sarah Jane EASTEP.  She died on 3 Oct 1939 in Wise Co., TX where she may have gone to live or visit with one of her children.(8)  She is buried at Crandall Cemetery in Crandall, Kaufman Co., TX where several of her children are buried.(9)  The inscription on her marker reads "A Confederate Courier."  Her pension application has no reference to her involvement during the Civil War. 

Children of Jacob W. and Sarah Jane (CROUSE) EASTEP / ESTEP:
SA6211.  John Letcher EASTEP born 1866 (IA or IN) and died 5 Apr 1942 Tarrant
Co., TX; married 28 Jan 1894 in Dallas Co., TX to Florence D. "Flora"
NORTON who was born c1877 in TN to William H. and Martha NORTON
and died 8 May 1941 in Kaufman Co., TX; both John and Flora are buried at
Crandall Cemetery. (5) (7) (8) (9) (10)  [1880 TX Soundex says John was born in IN.]
SA6212.  Curtis La-Mont EASTEP  born c1868 IA; died 5 Jun 1942 Dallas Co., TX;
married 27 Dec 1891 in Dallas Co., TX to Sarah EVANS.  They lived in Dallas Co.
The 1910 TX soundex shows:  Curtis ESTOP, age 41, born IA, in Dallas Co. (E.D.
97, Sheet 10) with [second?] wife Minnie (41 KY) and children - Lee (17), Lela (15),
Mammie (13), Ray (11), Estelle (10), Walter (8), Imogene (6), Lucile (3) and Grace
(2), all children born in TX.  (5) (8) (10)
SA6213.  Cynth(i)a Alice EASTEP born Jul 1870 IA; died 25 Oct 1918 in Edna, Jackson
Co., TX; buried at Memory Gardens Cemetery in Edna, TX; married 12 Aug 1894 in
Kaufman Co., TX to Nathan Blackburn "Jake" CURLEE,  born Dec 1871 TN and
died 12 Feb 1949 (buried beside his wife). (7) (11)  [Some indexes listed Jake as "William" but
their granddaughter, Debbie Boudar, says his name is Nathan Blackburn "Jake" Curlee.  They had
7 children, the youngest being Debbie's father, James Paden Curlee, who was born in 1911. 
Additional information on Cynthia Alice's family was contributed by Debbie Boudar (7 Nov 2000).]
SA6214.  Lora Ella EASTEP born Mar 1872 IA; married 23 Dec 1891 in Kaufman
Co., TX to William M. YANT (b. Jan 1867 TN).  Ella and her husband are not
listed on the 1903 to 1945 TX Death Certificate index and are not buried at
Crandall Cemetery. (7) (11)  [She was listed as Loretta on the 1880 census.]
SA6215.  Laura E. ESTEP  born circa 1874 TX.  [She was probably married and away
from home in 1900.  This may be Nannie EASTEP who married 23 May 1895 in Dallas
Co., TX to Cyre BENHAM.  There are no BENHAMs buried at Crandall
Cemetery.  Further research needed.] (10)  [See below for updated information on Laura.]
SA6216.  Myrtie Jane EASTEP born 1877 TX and died 3 Mar 1908 in Kaufman Co.,
TX [per death certificate index; cemetery data shows 28 Mar 1908]; buried at
Crandall Cemetery as "Mirtie J."; never married. (7) (8) (9)  [Listed as "Mertie J." on 1880 census.]


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pp. 333A-B (13 Jun) #91-95 Jake CURLEE (Dec 1871 - 28 - TN TN TN) with wife Alice (Jul 1870 - 29 - IA NC VA), son Dave (Aug 1895 - 4), son Jesse (Mar 1898 - 2) and son Calvin (Mar 1900 - 2/12) [TX TN IA for all three sons].
p. 333B (13 Jun) #94-98 Flory EASTEP (Mar 1874 - 26 TN TN TN) and her sons William H. (Dec 1895 - 4) and Letcher (May 1897 - 3) [both TX IN TN] were living with her parents, William M. and Martha NORTON.  Flory is listed as married.  Her husband John Letcher EASTEP is not found in this county or on the 1900 TX Soundex.  He is with his wife and their children on the 1910 Kaufman Co. census [1910 TX soundex - John L. ESTEP (43 IA) in Kaufman Co. (E. D. 42) with wife Flora D. (33 TN) and their children, all born in TX: Wm. H. (15), Clyde F. (12), Lora E. (9), Ruth (6), Marie (3) and Alton (10/12).]
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11)  Kaufman County, Texas, Marriages, Vol. 3, 1891-1900 by Jon H. Clay, p. 12 (for Curlee).  The Yant marriage data was sent by Kathey Kelley Hunt.

An interesting article has been posted on Sarah Jane Eastep
and the quote "A Confederate Courier" on her gravemarker.
in the Kaufman Co., TX web site.

Additional information from 1880 TX Soundex, Dallas Co., Vol. 9, ED 66, Sheet 9, Line 36 (submitted by Debbie Boudar) with additional information gleaned from census record by Nova Lemons:
ESTEP, Sarah J. (35 widowed NC) was listed as head of household with the following children:  John L. (13 IN), Curtis L. (12 IA), Cynthia A. (8 IA), Loretta (8 IA), Mertie J. (3 TX), and Laura E. (6 TX). 

Additional information from Curtis C. Yant, Jr. (20 Aug 2001):  "Interesting that Great Gramma's tombstone is etched as EASTEP; she and the family did not use the "A."  "Sary" was married to Solomon CROUSE 1/9/1864 in Allegheny County, NC.  He was killed in the Civil War.  On 1/18/1866 she married Haywood ESTEP, again in Allegheny County, NC.  Her children were all fathered by Haywood."  [Note by Nova:  Sarah's second husband should be Jacob W. ESTEP, not Haywood ESTEP, per her pension application.  Additiional note by Debbie Boudar (27 Jul 2002):  Sarah was married to Jacob ESTEP / EASTEP.  It is listed on her pension application and on her daughtr, Mirtie J.'s tombstone (daughter of J. W. and S. J. EASTEP).  I even questioned the 79 year old cousin about this and she said Sarah always made reference to her husband as "Jake."  I also believe the H. D. ESTEP that gave testimony in the pension is Jacob's brother Haywood.  Now, Haywood did marry a woman named Sarah.  You can find this information in the 1900 census for Alleghany, NC, ED #5, Sheet 11, p. 191A.  It states Haywood was born in Aug 1842 and Sarah in Sep 1848.  The children are listed as David, Sarah A. and Haywood.  As for if the name is ESTEP or EASTEP, I really believe it should truly be ESTEP, but it all falls on the individuals taking the census and in government records as to how they spelled the name.  In Texas it seems to have become mostly EASTEP.]

Additional information on #SA6215. Laura E. Estep (submitted by Mark McDonald <> (10 Oct 2004):
Laura E. EASTEP was born Sep 1874 in TX and died after 1 Apr 1930.  She married 19 Aug 1894 in Kaufman Co., TX to Ephraim A. "Eaph" LYON who was born Oct 1873 in TN and died after 1 Apr 1930.  Their children, all born in TX, were:
1)  (unknown) LYON (d. bef 1 Jun 1900)
2)  Sherman or Manier M. LYON (Feb 1897 - aft 1910 census)
3)  Sarah J. "Sadie / Sada" LYON (May 1889 - aft 1 Jan 1920) m. Herman JOHNSON.
4)  Alvie Veus L. LYON (1901 - aft 1940) m. Ruby Delphia LEWALLEN.
5)  Verna B. LYON (29 Dec 1930 - Nov 1978) m. Sam PLUNKETT
6)  Thomas Ephraim Nathaniel "T. E. N." LYON (1906 - aft 1940) m1. Fannie May
BLACKMON, m2. Elsie Josephine STEVENS.
7)  Jewel Inez LYON (1908 - aft 1942) m. Marvin Lee BLEWITT.
8)  Curtis L. LYON (9 Aug 1910 - 20 Jan 1995 Baylor Co., TX)
9)  Otis Richard LYON (8 Sep 1912 - 30 Oct 1979 Baylor Co., TX)
10)  Viola E. LYON (1916 - aft Mar 1930)
Census data for this family:
1900 Census, Pct. 8, McLennan Co., TX, Series T623, Roll 1658, page 288A, #64-64.
1910 Census, Seymour, Baylor Co., TX, Series T624, Roll 1529, page 18A, #266-273.
1920 Census, Pct. 1, Baylor Co., TX, Series T625, Roll 1774, page 5A, #71-77.
1930 Census, J-Pct. 1, Baylor Co., TX, Series T626, Roll 2289, page 67B, #13-13.

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Sarah Jane EASTEP
Aug. 13, 1844
Oct. 3, 1939
A Confederate Courier

Crandall Cemetery,
Crandall, Kaufman Co., TX

[Photo courtesy of
Kathey Kelley Hunt]