W11114 Children of Mary (Estep) Estep
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[submitted by Debbie Estep Turner]

W11114  Mary ESTEP, daughter of Edward ESTEP and Rebecca COFFMAN, and Erasmus ESTEP.  Their known children:

W111141  Gilbert Lee ESTEP born 24 Oct 1874 and died 15 Jul 1875 in Forestville.  Buried
in Solomon Lutheran Church cemetery.(1)
(1)  Tombstone Record.
W111142  Robert C. ESTEP  born 4 Nov 1875 in Forestville, Shenandoah Co., VA and died
5 May 1927.(1)   Married Sarah J. SITRER born 1878 in Steuben Co., IN.(2)
(1)  Obituary.
(2)  1920 Indiana Soundex.
W111143  Julius William ESTEP born 30 Aug 1877, Quicksburg, VA and died 7 Feb 1948.(1) 
Married Salome Catherine SHUTTERS 23 Dec 1903, Shenandoah Co., daughter of 
C. A. and Ophelia SHUTTERS.(2)  She was born 29 Jun 1879 and died 22 Apr 1942. 
They are buried in Solomon's Lutheran Church cemetery.(3)
(1)  Tombstone Record.
(2)  Borden, Duane L., Marriages-Shenandoah County, Virginia 1850-1882, Yates Publishing Co.,
P.O. Box 237, Ozark, MO,1987.
(3)  Tombstone Record.
W111144  Bertie Allen ESTEP born Aug 1880 and died 9 Apr 1943 in PA.(1)  Married
22 Jun 1899 in Shenandoah Co. Elizabeth Dora HEPNER, daughter of William and
Caroline HEPNER.(2)  She was born 1883 and died 6 Oct 1965 in PA.(3)  They had
8 known children.
(1)  1920 VA Soundex and Obituary.
(2)  Ibid., Borden.
(3)  1920 VA Soundex and Obituary.
W111145  Mabel H. ESTEP was born 5 Mar 1884 and died 1 Apr 1965 in Forestville.(1)
Unmarried.  She is buried in Solomon's Lutheran Church cemetery.  One daughter.
(1)  Tombstone Record.

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