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[submitted by Ken Whitcomb, 781 Humer St., Enola, PA 17025-2623]

An obituary for George W. ESTEP [W855], appearing in the Lewistown Sentinel, Monday, 5 Oct 1931, gives the following information:
"George W. ESTEP, age 83 years, 5 months, 22 days died in Altoona city
hospital of a heart attack.  He was born April 10, 1848, leaving sons Howard,
Harry, George, Frank, Eli, Miss Mary ESTEP, Clayton, of Indianapolis, Mrs.
Foster STEWART, and Bessie McGLINSEY."

According to his great grandson, George T. STEWART, Jr., George W. ESTEP is buried in an unmarked grave in the Birch Hill Cemetery (formerly Mussers), Vira, PA.  His burial there is confirmed by "Mifflin County Cemetery Records, Vol. VIII", from the Mifflin County Historical Society.  He is buried in the plot with his daughter Ada Florence ESTEP STEWART (W8553), and her husband Charles Foster STEWART.

Mary E. McCOMBS, born about 1849, wife of George W. ESTEP, was probably the daughter of George W. and Susannah (QUAY) McCOMBS, the only McCOMBS living in the Williamsburg/Alexandria area in that era.  They had a daughter of the right age, listed as Elizabeth, who appears in the 1860 census, but not the 1870 census.  Mary (McCOMBS) ESTEP does not appear in any "found" record after the 1880 census.

Additional information is known about the children of George and Mary:
W8551  Howard W. ESTEP born 1869.  According to George STEWART, Jr.,
Howard married Blanche EWIG, born c1877.  They lived in or near New
Kensington, PA, and had no children.
W8552  George W. ESTEP, Jr., born 12 Dec 1871. 
Additional information:  George W. ESTEP, Jr. was married three times;
1) Ida May WHITELEATHER (24 Sep 1872 - Sep 1906 [from "The Seeds and
Roots of Andrew Whiteleather", compiled by Alice Mae Graden Montgomery, Jul 1994]).
Known children:
W85521  John ESTEP born 1891 and died 1976.
W85522  Amos ESTEP born 11 Apr 1894 and died 27 Nov 1894, age
7 months.  [PA State Archives microfilm rolls 8138 - 8150, Blair Co. Births
and Deaths]
W85523  Edgar ESTEP born 8 Sep 1895. [PA Archives roll 8138]
W85524  Clarence Boyd ESTEP born 23 Aug 1901 [supplied by Doris Estep Asher]
W85525(?)  Mary ESTEP born c1899 (appears in 1910 census soundex as
daughter, age 11).
W85526(?)  Virginia ESTEP born c1905 (appears in 1910 census soundex as
daughter, age 5).
2) Sybilla STAUTER.
Known children:
W85527  Paul ESTEP born c1923 and died 3 Dec 1989 Irwin, PA.
W85528  Catherine ESTEP born1924 [information supplied by Doris Estep Asher]
3)  Margaret ______.
Known child:
W85529  Rita ESTEP [information supplied by Doris Estep Asher]
W8553  Ada Florence "Addie" ESTEP born 19 Sep 1873 near Spruce Creek,
Huntingdon Co., PA; died 23 Dec 1963 in Harrisburg; married c1896 to
Charles "Foster" STEWART, son of  Thomas M. and Ann (TAYLOR)
STEWART of Burnham, PA. In addition to her duties as homemaker, Addie
also served as a midwife.
Children of Addie and Foster:
W85531  Charles Clair STEWART born 7 May 1897; died unknown.
W85532  George Thomas STEWART, Sr. born 16 Jan 1901; died 13 Mar
1977; married (1) Mary McMULLEN, (2) Florence FOWLER.
W85533  M. Louise STEWART born 18 Jun 1904; died 29 Jul 1989; married
James HOKE.
W85534  Gladys STEWART born 4 Apr 1916; died 10 Mar 1999; married
John Homer MILLER
From information supplied by Addie's grandson, George Thomas STEWART,
Jr., from family Bible.  Dates have been verified by comparison with records in
PA State Archives, and obituaries. George T. STEWART, Jr. lived with Addie
from 1928 to 1942.  Many of his records were given to him by M. Louise
STEWART, Addie's daughter. George is my father-in-law.
W8554  Bessie ESTEP: born 29 Mar 1875 in Alexandria, Huntingdon Co., PA;
died 1 Dec 1943; married (1) John Howard McGLINSEY, who died in 1931.
Children of Bessie and John Howard:
W85541  Mary Margaret McGLINSEY born 30 Jun 1897.
W85542  Lucy Baker McGLINSEY born 9 Jun/Jul 1898 and died Nov 1986.
W85543  Alice Viola McGLINSEY born 26 Oct 1899.
W85544  Harry C. McGLINSEY born 6 Oct 1901.
W85545  Josephine Ada McGLINSEY born 3 Feb 1905 and died 9 Jul 1917.
W85546  Helen M. McGLINSEY born 27 Nov 1907 and died 7 Sep 1993.
W85547  John McGLINSEY, Jr. [no dates, mentioned in father's will, 1931]
2) Joseph G. PLETCHER, 1935. There were no children by this marriage.
Information on Bessie ESTEP supplied by Marge WILCOX, granddaughter of
John Howard McGLINSEY.
W8555  Harry Edward Ellsworth ESTEP: born 1877 Huntingdon Co., PA; died
c1966 Altoona, PA.  Known as "Screech", he married Cora Elsie PICKETTS,
daughter of George and Elizabeth (SWISHER) PICKETTS.  Cora was born
Apr 1884 and died Oct 1939.
Children of Harry and Cora:
W85551  Mary Elizabeth ESTEP born 26 Nov 1902 Burnham, PA.
W85552  Priscilla ESTEP
W85553  Harry E. E. ESTEP (Jr.) born 10 Dec 1912; died 3 Nov 1984;
known as "Speck.".
W85554  Charlotte ESTEP born 14 Nov 1914.
W85555  Charles ESTEP died shortly after birth.
Information on Harry Edward Ellsworth ESTEP provided by his granddaughter

The obituary of  George W. ESTEP mentions 4 children, who are not known to be the children of spouse (1) Mary E. McCOMBS.  They are Frank ESTEP, Eli ESTEP, Miss Mary ESTEP, and Clayton ESTEP.
The microfilm record at the PA State Archives of the 1900 census soundex lists a George W. ESTEP, born Mar 1847 in PA, age 53, living on Union St., Holidaysburg, Blair Co., wife Lorena born Mar 1866 in PA, age 34.  The regular census adds [p. 297, roll 28, Blair Co.] that they were married for 17 years. Children listed were:
Elijah R. ESTEP, son, born Nov 1884;
Winfield S. ESTEP, son, born Feb 1890;
Aldorado ESTEP, daughter, born Dec 1890;
Boyd C. ESTEP, son, born Jan 1896;
Frank ESTEP, son, born Jan 1897; and
Mary D. ESTEP, daughter, born Apr 1900.
In the 1910 soundex, Elijah R. and Winfield S. are no longer with the family.  Aldorado is now Ray, Boyd C. is Clayton, and an additional child, Paul (age 4) is listed as a son.  George's wife's name is now Laura.  She may be the same person as Lorena.  No record of a third marriage was found in Blair, Huntingdon, or Mifflin counties.  In 1920, George W. ESTEP is living alone, in Altoona.
Elijah R. ESTEP; according to his marriage record [roll 8174, PA State Archives], was born in Spruce Creek, Huntingdon Co.  He married 12 Apr 1906 in Holidaysburg, by G. S.WOMER, Minister, to Ehra YAPPLE, daughter of John and Bertha, of Altoona.  She was born in Mt. Union, PA and was age 15 at the time of the marriage.  The 1920 census soundex shows two children;  Raymond ESTEP, born c1907; and Walter R. ESTEP, born c1910.

Winfield S. ESTEP has not been found in other records.

Aldorado (Ray) ESTEP is actually W8527 Eldorado Ray ESTEP, of the Thomas ESTEP, Sr. ... book.  The marriage record names George W. and Laura as her parents, and not Elijah and Annie L., as listed in the book.  She, age 17, married Harry Elsworth Evey on 12 Jun 1907 by Theodore Crawford, Alderman.  She was born in Williamsburg. The marriage record does not give the last names of the parents of either party.  It lists Elijah and Annie L. as parents of Harvey Evey.  They are probably Elijah ESTEP and Annie L. KEMP ESTEP, as Harvey (as Harry E. Evey) is mentioned in Elijah's family Bible and appears to be in Elijah's household, listed as a son, in the 1900 census. This marriage was apparently short-lived, as in 1910 Eldorado is living with her parents and Harvey is in the home of Annie Johnson, of Altoona (relationship not clear).

Boyd Clayton ESTEP has not been found in records other than the 1900 and 1910 census, and his father's obituary.

Frank ESTEP has not been found in records other than the 1900 and 1910 census, and his father's obituary.

Mary D. ESTEP: the 1900 census gives Apr 1900 for her birth.  Roll #8138, Blair Co. Births, PA State Archives, lists Mary D. ESTEP, born 4 Apr 1900 to George W. ESTEP, mother's name unreadable but begins with L.

Paul ESTEP, born c1906 (age 4 in 1910 census), has not been found in other records.

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