S3121 Sarah Abigail Estep
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[Submitted by Martin F. Hanson, M.D.]

S3121 Sarah Abigail ESTEP, daughter of  S312 James Madison "Matt" ESTEP and Maria Frances (SHORT) PERKINS, was married to Hickman Broadus SAMUELL.  They had five children, one of whom was:

S31211  Dillard Estep SAMUELL, M.D. born 24 Apr 1877 in Mason Co., IL, died 2 Jun
1919 in Chicago, IL.  Married (1) on 9 May 1894 in Mason Co., IL to Anna M.
MADISON born 11 Dec 1876 in Kilbourne, IL, daughter of Harrison and Sarah Jane
MADISON.  They had one child: 
S312111  Eula E. SAMUELL born 17 Sep 1894 in Kilbourne, IL.

Dillard SAMUELL married (2) on 30 Oct 1907 in Waukegan, IL to Gussie MARX born
3 Aug 1882 in Brooklyn, NY, died 15 Feb 1968.  They had 3 children:
S312112  Rose SAMUELL born 2 Oct 1909 in Braidwood, IL; died 15 Jun 1986.
S312113  Dale Eileen SAMUELL born 5 Feb 1913 in Wilmington, IL.
S312114  Dillard Iris SAMUELL born 25 May 1919 in Wilmington, IL.

Dillard Estep SAMUELL was a physician, graduated from College of  Physicians and
Surgeons in Chicago, IL.  He was a cousin of my mother, Alma CRUM HANSON, and
introduced her to my father.  He died some time following gall bladder surgery, which my
father, Martin W. HANSON, M.D., felt was not necessary.  This could have been the
biased opinion of a close friend but Dale BODINE told me that the family was given a
similar opinion by an attending nurse.

SOURCE:  Family data.

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