W248 Louisa Estep
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[Submitted by Debbie Glaze, New Holland, OH]

W248  Louisa Estep was buried at Sedalia, Madison Co., OH.  Louisa's husband, Isaiah
TRACEY, died 7 May 1912 at Salt Creek twp in Pickaway Co., OH and buried in
Sedalia, Madison Co., OH. (1)   Isaiah's parentswere Joshua TRACEY and Nancy
VOUGH. (2)

Children of Louisa and Isaiah in order of birth (two were not known at the time of printing
and therefore are given letter/numbers out of sequence):

W2488  Lousia Estep TRACEY born c1852 in OH.  She appears on the 1860 census
but not the 1870.  She may have died between those two censuses.  She is not listed
among the children in Isaiah's pension records dated 4 Jun 1898.

W2481  Alice R. TRACEY married James Joseph GALLOWAY on 14 Nov 1878 in
Fayette Co., OH. (3)

W2482  William R. TRACEY married Martha OGDEN on 14 Mar 1883 in Madison
Co., OH. (3)

W2483  Urella (Willa) J. TRACEY

W2484  Fanny C. TRACEY died 20 Jul 1941 in Stokes twp, Madison Co., OH and is
buried in Sedalia, OH.  She was 80 years, 8 months, 18 days. (4)   She married
Elijah S. THOMAS on 10 Sep 1879 in Madison Co., OH.(5)

W2485  Ida (Lillian) TRACEY married Charles A. PONTIUS on 10 Jun 1910 in
Madison Co., OH. (5)  Ida was still living in 1942 in Tarlton, Pickaway Co., OH.

W2486  Milton S. TRACEY died 24 Nov 1942 in Fayette Co., OH and buried in
Jeffersonville, OH. (6)  He married Loulie G. REESE 4 Sep 1901 in Fayette Co.,
OH. (7)

W2489 Ulyses Grant TRACEY was born in Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN in 1868, died
3 Aug 1897 in Madison Co., OH. (8)

W2487  Elmer Lee TRACEY died 14 Jun 1942 in Fayette Co., OH and is buried at
Sabina, Clinton Co., OH. (9)   He married Zella Edith TOBIN on 25 Oct 1889 in
Fayette Co., OH. (10)


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Isaiah Tracey is listed on the following census records:
1840 Fayette Co., OH Union twp, under his father Joshua Tracey
1850 Fayette Co., OH Paint twp, p30, #378-378 under James Herron
1860 Madison Co., OH Midway Town, p375, #1027-1077
1870 Madison Co., OH Range twp, #162-161
1880 Madison Co., OH Range twp, p304, #252-259
1900 Madison Co., OH, #550-551
1910 Madison Co., OH Range  twp, West St., #54-55

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