S3124  Cordie Caroline Estep
pp. 124-125
[Submitted by Martin F. Hanson, M.D.]

S31241  Alma Maria CRUM HANSON, daughter of S3124 Cordie Caroline ESTEP CRUM had four children, one being her son Martin Franklin HANSON, M.D.  The following information extends the data on these children as given in ESTEP, Thomas Sr. etc.  [Click here to see a photo of Cordie with her twin sister and their mother in 1865.]

S312411 Clara Breta HANSON was born 18 Sep 1908 in Havana, IL at the county jail,
where her grandfather, A.F. CRUM was sheriff.  She died 12 Nov 1996 at 2 p.m.
Arizona time.  She married on 20 Apr 1931 in Tucson, AZ to Melvin Cornelius HAYES
born 12 Jul 1906 in Gridley, IL, son of James Edward & Anna (FINNELL) HAYES. 
Mell was killed when his farm tractor was struck by a semi-trailer on 25 Oct 1956. 
Buried in El Paso, IL.
S3124111  James Patrick HAYES born 14 Oct 1932 in Yuma, AZ and was killed by
mule trampling on 20 Jun 1934 in Yuma, AZ.  Buried there. 
S3124112  Kari Ann HAYES was born 10 Sep 1934 in Yuma, AZ.  Birth wt. 9 lb 7oz. 
Called "Pica" as child.  Registered nurse.  She was married on 23 Apr 1960 in
Havana, IL to Russel Everett DORLAND, a registered pharmacist in Pekin, IL. 
They had 2 children.
S3124113  Mary Elizabeth HAYES born 31 Dec 1936 in Truckee, CA.
S3124114  Michael Martin Philip HAYES born 22 Feb 1941 in Reno, NV.  Killed in Air
Force crash at Corpus Christi, TX on 10 Jun 1964.  Buried in St. Mary's cemetery,
El Paso, IL.

Clara B. HAYES was married 2nd in Elwood, IN ca 1966 to Fred JONES, born 10 Dec
1906.  He died in Mesa, AZ in 1986.

Originally, the HAYES family lived in Yuma, AZ and then in Truckee, CA.  Mel worked
there on border inspection for fruits and vegetable material.  Later they moved back to IL
and Mel farmed at Fridley.  They met in college at the University of Illinois, where they
were both in school. 

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