S63 Uriah Estep and S6-13 Lucinda Estep
pp. 148-150
[submitted by Phillip Les Estep of South Williamson, KY]

S63 Uriah ESTEP and his wife Lucinda ESTEP of Buchanan Co. VA and Pike Co. KY, are my great great grandparents.  Their origins have been elusive, but in light of recent discoveries I am able to prove much about them.  I will begin with an acknowledgment of the tremendous efforts of others and their subsequent thoughts on Uriah, one being the book, ESTEP, Thomas Sr. (c1709-c1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants (hereafter abbreviated to just the Estep Book).  These initial steps save countless hours and provide a basis of research on which to build.

Because one always finds S63 Uriah near S6 James ESTEP and S62 Shadrach ESTEP, logic would dictate that he was a product of James and one of his early wives.  This has been expressed in the Estep Book as S63 Uriah being a probable son of  S6 James and Jeane STARNES.  Census records relate that Uriah was born around 1815, so this correlates to the time of James' marriage to Jeane STARNES.  Armed with this circumstantial evidence, the scenario is compelling.  To question it without credible evidence would seem absurd.  However, genealogical events twist and turn to be gradually revealed as more light emerges.

The known written records pertaining to S63 Uriah ESTEP include the following:

1)  He first appears in the tax lists of Pike Co. KY in 1836.

2)  Within his marriage record to Lucinda ESTEP, both he and Lucinda are listed as ESTESS (sic) in Tazewell Co. VA on 30 Apr 1837.

3)  Land grants throughout the 1840s and 1850s show his name.

4)  The Tazewell Co. VA 1850 & 1860 and Pike Co. KY 1870 & 1880 census records show his issue.

5)  He witnessed a pension application by Sarah ESTEP after S6 James ESTEP died in 1852.

6)  Deed records in both present-day Buchanan Co. VA and Pike Co. KY show numerous land dealings of Uriah.

7)  Land warrants in Pike Co. in 1870s and 1880s pertain to Uriah.

8)  Late 1880s and early 1890s county and circuit court records give insight into the division of his properties.

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