SA397  Harriet Rhoda Eastep
[submitted by Nova A. Lemons]

SA397  Harriet Rhoda EASTEP was born 1 Dec 1861 in Smith Co., TX to [SA39] Abraham and Sarah (GRICE) EASTEP.(1)  Due to Sarah's Choctaw Indian heritage, her family moved to Boggy, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (OK) after 1870 but did not have any luck in claiming land there.(2) (4)  In less than a year in Indian Territory, both parents died and the young children went back to Smith Co., TX.(3)  Rhoda went to live with a family with the surname GAY probably in Henderson Co., TX.(4)

Rhoda married first on 23 Dec 1880 in Henderson Co. to Lawton C. OLIVER.(5)  They had one son who died young and sometime between 1880 and 1885, they moved to Wise Co. where L. C. died.(6)  Rhoda married second on 2 Dec 1885 in Wise Co., TX to James Meredith INKLEBARGER, son of Meredith and Eliza (COTTENER) INKLEBARGER.(8) (11)  James was born circa 1846 in TN.(9)

The family moved to Oklahoma Territory and settled in Old Greer County (now Jackson Co.) where James died circa 1886, shortly after the birth of their son.  Rhoda, a true pioneer, remained in her new home among the Indians and other pioneers, raising her son and taking care of their farm.(10)  James' brother Henderson C. INKLEBARGER received a telegram about his brother's death and went up to help Rhoda and her son.  He soon returned home to get his family and moved them up to live near Rhoda.(11)

In 1937 Zaidee B. Bland did an interview with her for the WPA Indian-Pioneer History Project for OK and through this interview, Rhoda's life and hardships in Oklahoma Territory is told.  She said that her husband was buried in an unmarked grave near the train depot until it was time and when she had the money to return his body home to Wise Co., TX.  Eventually his body was returned and later a woman sued Rhoda for taking her husband's body instead of James.  So the wrong man was obviously buried as Rhoda's husband in TX.(10)  Research has not been done in finding out the outcome of this situation.

Rhoda INKLEBARGER died on 8 Mar 1947 in Blair, Jackson Co., OK and is buried at Warren Cemetery in Jackson Co.(12) (13)  Click here to see a photo of Rhoda.

Child of Lawton C. and Rhoda: (6)
SA3971.  (son) OLIVER died as an infant or a very young child.

Child of James M. and Rhoda: (6) (10) (12) (13)
SA3972.  William Meredith INKLEBARGER  born 4 Sep 1886 (Wise Co.) TX; died 9 Feb 1938 Blair, Jackson Co., OK; married Annie Augusta HENDRICKS 7 Mar 1909 Blair, OK.


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Death certificate of Harriett Rhoda Inklebarger from OK.

Also see references in SA39 Abraham Eastep's section for sources relating to Rhoda's early life in Smith Co., TX.

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