SA39  Abraham Eastep
pp. 295 & 299
[submitted by Nova A. Lemons]

SA39 Abraham EASTEP, son of SA3 Moses and Elizabeth (JONES) EASTEP / ESTEP, was born 1 Feb 1824 in the area of Rowan Co., NC that is now Davie Co.  (1)  The EASTEPs moved to Lauderdale Co., AL after 1827 where they were on 1840 census. (2)

Abraham married Ann(e) WALLACE / WALLIS on 3 Feb 1846 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  (3)  Ann's surname was spelled as WALLAS on the marriage record.  She was born 20 Oct 1820 in AL (probably Lauderdale Co.). (1)  Her parents are not yet known.  She had one known sister, Sarah "Sallie" WALLIS, who married William McMURRY on 18 Mar 1841 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  Abraham, his wife and the McMURRYs migrated west to Smith Co., TX around 1848 and settled near Starrville.  By then they were using the spelling EASTEP.  They were on 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses of Smith Co., TX. (4)

Ann (WALLACE / WALLIS) EASTEP died on 20 Jan 1859, twelve days after the birth of her fifth child, Elizabeth Ann.  Ann was 38 years old.  Her burial location has not been found.  According to the biography of Elizabeth Ann, written by her husband P. J. PRYOR, the newborn was taken in by Sallie McMURRY who took care of her until Abraham remarried. (5)

Abraham EASTEP married second to Sarah GRICE on 25 Oct 1859 in Smith Co., TX. (6)  Her name looks like GUNN on the record but it is GRICE.  Sarah was born 22 Nov 1830 in AL.(1)  Abraham and Sarah had five children.

After being on the 1870 Smith Co., TX census, the EASTEPs left for Indian Territory (OK).  The biography of Elizabeth Ann (EASTEP) PRYOR stated that the family moved in the winter of 1868 [should be 1870 or 1871] to Pickens Co., Indian Territory where the parents died, leaving Elizabeth Ann, her brother, one half-brother and two half-sisters.  The young children went back to Smith Co. in August of 1873. (5)  Another source, the interview with F. M. WILSON [WIESON] (husband of Sarah T. EASTEP) in 1937 or 1938, stated that Abraham's wife was of the Choctaw tribe and that they went to Caddo area in 1871, along with two neighbors, BUCKLES and JONES.  (7)  Abraham EASTEP died on 19 Feb 1872 at the age of 48 and Sarah (GRICE) EASTEP died on 2 Jul 1872 at the age of 41. (1)  Their burial locations have not been found.

The young children went back to TX and Elizabeth Ann lived with her married sister, Martha Caroline OSBURN, until her marriage. (5)  The other children lived with Ripley Copeland UNDERWOOD and his family in Henderson Co., TX until their marriages.  Copeland UNDERWOOD was living with the EASTEPs on the 1870 census and his birthdate (6 Jun 1849 in MS) was listed in the family Bible. (1)  His mother, Harriet (GRICE) UNDERWOOD, was a sister of Sarah (GRICE) EASTEP.(8)

Children of Abraham and Ann, all born in Smith Co., TX:  (1) (4) (8)
SA391  Martha Caroline EASTEP born 13 Mar 1849 Smith Co., TX; died 29 Sep 1896 Smith Co., TX; buried
Antioch Cemetery, Smith Co., TX; married A. J. (or A. G.) OSBURN, 2 Jul 1868, Smith Co., TX.  They
had no known children.
SA392  William R. EASTEP  born 23 Jul 1851 Smith Co., TX; died 5 Aug 1861.
SA393  George M. EASTEP  born 14 Mar 1854 Smith Co., TX; died circa 1884 to 1889 Henderson Co., TX;
married Amanda Carolyn SLIDER 14 Jul 1878 Henderson Co., TX.
SA394  Mary E. EASTEP  born 14 Jul 1856 Smith Co., TX; died 28 Oct 1857.
SA395  Elizabeth Ann EASTEP  born 8 Jan 1859; died 17 Jan 1887 Van Zandt Co., TX; married Philip Jackson
PRYOR 16 Jun 1878 Smith Co., TX.

Children of Abraham and Sarah, all born in Smith Co., TX:  (1) (4) (8)
SA396  Isaac S. EASTEP  born 30 Jul 1860; died 2 Nov 1860.
SA397  Harriet Rhoda EASTEP  born 1 Dec 1861; died 8 Mar 1947 Blair, Jackson Co., OK; buried Warren
Cemetery, Blair, OK; married first to Lawton C. OLIVER 23 Dec 1880 Henderson Co., TX; married
second to James Meredith INKLEBARGER 2 Dec 1885 Wise Co., TX.
SA398  Sarah Taletha "Letha" EASTEP  born 25 Aug 1865; died 30 Nov 1936 Abbott, Hill Co., TX; buried Bell
Springs Cemetery, Hill Co., TX; married Franc(e) M. WIESEN 16 Apr 1885 Henderson Co., TX.
SA399  James Henry EASTEP  born 27 Jan 1868.  [Nothing else has been found on him.]
SA399a  Mitz? Orlly? / Mit Every? EASTEP  [unable to read name in the Bible]  born 20 Apr 1871; died 7 Oct


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