SA398  Sarah Taletha "Letha" Eastep
[submitted by Nova A. Lemons and Jane Sharp]

SA398  Sarah Taletha "Letha" EASTEP, daughter of [SA39] Abraham and Sarah (GRICE) EASTEP, was born 25 Aug 1865 in Starrville, Smith Co., TX.(1)  Sarah GRICE was ¼ Choctaw Indian.  When Letha was about 6 to 7 years old, her family moved to Boggy, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (OK) where in less than a year both parents died (1872).  The young children returned to Smith Co., TX and Letha and her brother Henry went to live with her cousin, Ripley Copeland Underwood, in Murchinson, Henderson Co., TX.  When the Underwoods made plans to move to Jack Co., TX, Letha went to live with her half-sister [SA395] Elizabeth Ann "Lizzy" (Eastep) Pryor in Van Zandt Co., TX where she remained until her marriage to F. M. WIESEN on 16 Apr 1885 in Owlet Green, Van Zandt Co.(2) (3) (4) (5)  The marriage record was obtained in Henderson Co., TX.(6)

Franc Martin WIESEN / WIESON was born 22 Dec 1863 in Harrisonburg, LA to Carl P. Gottlieb and Eliza Ann (VICKERS) WIESEN.  The WIESENs moved to Hill Co., TX where both Franc and Letha lived the rest of their lives.  Letha died on 1 Nov 1936, age 71, at her home near Abbott and Franc on 14 Sep 1941, age 77, at his daughter Addie's home in Hillsboro.  Both are buried at Bell Springs Cemetery near Abbott and about 10 miles from Hillsboro.(7)  Click here to see photos of Letha and Franc.

Children of F. M. and Letha: (7)
SA3981  Lizzy Jane WIESEN born 13 Jun 1886 Henderson Co., TX; died 16 Jul 1960
Port Arthur, TX; married Amon Leslie STEWART, 17 Oct 1905 Ruth, Coryell Co.,
SA3982  Charles Martin "Charlie" WIESEN  born 22 Dec 1888 Canton, Van Zandt Co.,
TX; died 21 Aug 1937 Temple, TX; married 20 Dec 1922 in Lampasas Co., TX to
Millie Ellen LINDSEY.
SA3983  Hettie Rodiliet WIESEN  born 25 Dec 1891 in Van Zandt Co., TX; died 24 Aug
1893 Van Zandt Co., TX.
SA3984  Carl William WIESEN  born 9 Jan 1894 Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt Co., TX; died
24 Dec 1960 Houston, Harris Co., TX; married Hazel HONEYCUTT 28 Dec 1919
in Bell Co., TX.
SA3985  Addie Ann WIESEN  born 18 Jan 1896 Tyler, Smith Co., TX; died 25 Jan 1978
Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; married Robert Floyd TURPIN, 14 Dec 1917 Hillsboro, Hill
Co., TX.
SA3986  Exer Leler WIESEN  born 3 Feb 1899 Cryer Creek, Navarro Co., TX; died
18 Feb 1979 Port Arthur, TX; married 31 Oct 1921 in Copperas Cove, TX to Willie
Jasper WALKER.
SA3987  Ima Gean WIESEN  born 17 Oct 1900 Cryer Creek, Navarro Co., TX; died
21 Jun 1984 [1985 per SSDI(8)] Port Arthur, TX; never married.
SA3988  Bertha Delanie WIESEN  born 3 Nov 1902 Cryer Creek, Navarro Co., TX;
died 17 Jun 1989 in Port Arthur, TX; never married.
SA3989  Wiley Taylor WIESEN  born 31 May 1905 Gatesville, TX; died 28 Dec 1989
Port Arthur, TX; married Patti Magnolia EAVES 9 Feb 1933 Port Arthur, TX.


(1)  Abraham Estep Family Bible in possession of June Graddy of Stroud, OK.  Photocopy of Bible pages in my possession.
(2)  WIESEN - EASTEP family history written by Ivy (Stewart) Deckard in 1940 from her interview with F. M. WIESEN.  Copy in possession of Jane (Wiesen) Sharp of Hillsboro, TX.
(3)  Interview with F. M. Wilson (Questionnaire), Vol. 73, pp. 437-438 of the Indian-Pioneer History Collection at OK Historical Society, Oklahoma City, OK.
(4)  Biography of Elizabeth Ann (Eastep) Pryor written by her husband P. J. Pryor and dated 23 Mar 1926.  Original copy in possession of John A. Pryor of Oklahoma City, OK (now deceased).  Photocopy of pages in my possession.
(5)  1880 Henderson Co., TX census, p. 180B (with Ripley C. Underwood family).
(6)  Henderson Co., TX Marriage Book 3, p. 220.
(7)  Jane Sharp of Hillsboro, TX obtained family information from her aunts Exer, Ima and Bertha.
Hill County Death Records, Vol. 3, p. 379 for Francis M. Wieson (sent by Richard F. Greenlee (professional researcher) of Hillsboro, TX).  This record named his parents as C. P. G. Wieson of Germany and Sarah Ann Vickers of LA.
Obituaries of Mrs. F. M. Wiesen from The Hillsboro Mirror, 2 Dec 1936 and F. M. Wiesen from The Hillsboro Mirror, 17 Sep 1941 (obtained by Nova A. Lemons).
Obituaries of Addie Ann Turpin from Dallas Times Herald, 26 Jan 1978, p. 21C and from Dallas Morning News, 26 Jan 1978, p. 45A (copied by Nova A. Lemons).
Copies of funeral records obtained by Nova A. Lemons from Marshall & Marshall Funeral Home in Hillsboro, TX for Francis M. Wiesen, Miss Bertha Wiesen, and R. Floyd Turpin.  The record on Francis M. Wiesen also named his mother as Sarah Ann Vickers.
(8)  [SSDI] Social Security Death Index Search results for Addie Turpin, Ima Wiesen and Wiley Wiesen from Ancestry website (

Also see references in SA39 Abraham Eastep's section for sources relating to Letha's early life in Smith Co., TX.

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