W913  Jesse W. Estep
Pages 490-491
[Additional information submitted by Mark Allen Cooper,
307 N. Sycamore St., Brazil, IN 47834]

W913  Jesse W. ESTEP was born 2 Oct 1830 in Wayne Co., IN (1) (2) (3) and died 7 Sep 1902 in Putnam Co., IN.(3)  He is buried at Deer Creek in Putnam Co.(4)  His name was also spelled as "Jessie ESTEPT, Jesse ESTEP and Jesse ESLEPT."(5)

He married on 1 Nov 1863 in Cataract, Owen Co., IN to Louisa J. STRONG.(5b)  Louisa was born 6 Feb 1845 in Owen Co., IN to Daniel STRONG of PA and Amy SYER of SC and died 6 May 1901 in Putnam Co., IN.(3a, 4, 6, 7)  Daniel went by "Sam" so his middle (or first) name may be Samuel.  Amy's surname was sometimes spelled as SLYIS in some census records.

W9131  James Samuel "Wesley" ESTEP  born 14 Aug 1864 Owen Co., IN (8); died
17 Sep 1939 (8) (9); married Sarah Elizabeth FISHER(10) on 5 Jul 1891 in Russelville,
Putnam Co., IN (11)[Also, see his section for more information.]
W9132  Armilda A. ESTEP  born Nov 1870 Owen Co., IN; died 18 Jan 1942;
never married.  [The book listed her as born 17 Nov 1866.  Mark noted that
the 1870 Owen Co., IN census, page 16 (P.O. Catract; family #123), Jessie
ESTEPP had a daughter, Anna A., age 3.  The 1900 Putnam Co., IN
(Warren Twp., dwelling #27, family #29) census shows in Jessie W. ESTEP's
household, that she was born Nov 1870.  If she was born in Nov 1870, it
would be too close to the birth date for Laura A.  But it is also known that
       many 1900 census birth entries for this county are incorrect according to
       most professional genealogists.  Dates of some other children listed are off
       by one or more years.]
W9133  Mary L. ESTEP  born 5 Dec 1868 Owen Co., IN; died 1896; married
7 Dec 1890 to Moses L. DICKS.(12)   May have been married more than once.(13)
W9134  Laura A. ESTEP  born 9 Feb 1871 Putnam Co., IN; died 4 Feb 1948;
married 20 Jun 1897 in Putnam Co. to Alva Alonzo NICHOLS.(14)
W9135  William R. ESTEP  born 12 Jul 1874 Putnam Co., IN; died 3 Oct 1952
Putnam Co. (15); married Myrtle WALDRON.  Myrtle died 16 May 1949,
      age 59.(16)
W9136  Emma M. ESTEP  born 13 Mar 1877 Putnam Co., IN; died 11 Jan 1943;
married 27 Aug 1901 in Putnam Co., IN to Harley HEAD.  [WPA index listed
      his surname as READ, which is incorrect.]
W9137  Ida C. ESTEP  born 12 Apr 1880 Putnam Co., IN; married first on 22 Jan
1900 in Putnam Co. to William CROW (17); married second to ______ DERNELL.(18)
W9138  Otho Harrison ESTEP  born 22 Mar 1884 Putnam Co., IN; died 25 Aug
1965 (19); married on 6 Oct 1917 in Putnam Co. to Vica [listed as Viola in book]
WALDRON.(20)  [According to one of the Bible records, she was listed as Vica. 
This family used a lot of nicknames so her real name may have been Viola.]
W9139  Pearle P. [or B.] ESTEP [first name spelled as Pearl in book]  born 6 Oct
      1887 Putnam Co., IN; died 12 Jun 1945 (21); married on 31 Aug 1910 in Putnam Co.
to Lemuel [listed as Len. in book] RICHARDSON.(22, 23)  [His name could be
Lenuel or Lenual.  The record showing his name was not clearly readable.]


(1)  Listed as a child, age 19, of James Estep on 1850 Wayne Co., IN census, Boston Twp., p. 135, #77-77.
(2)  Birth date conflicts with birth date on headstone in graveyard listing the birth date as 7 Oct 1845 and death date as 7 Sep 1902.
(3)  Putnam Co., IN Death Records, Book H-6, p. 23, 7 Sep 1902.
(3a)  Putnam Co., IN Birth and Death Records are located in Putnam Co. Court House on 4th floor, Dept. of Health in Greencastle, IN.
(4)  Deer Creek Cemetery, Putnam Co., IN, located SE corner SW 1/4 Section 12, T13N, R4W on county roads 600s and 250e.
(5)  Jesse ESTEP was in the Union Army in Co. G, 33rd IN Vol. Infantry according to his pension claim #553067.  His given name as Jessie and Jesse with a surname of Estept, Eslept and Estep was listed on the muster rolls.  Muster rolls give his birth place as Wayne Co., IN and stated that he enlisted 22 Mar 1865 for a period of one year.  He was listed as being at the time living in Owen Co., IN in Jennings Twp.  While on the march to Washington, DC from encampment in NC he contracted malaria and other problems related to the hardship of camp life.  After the war he never did have the vigor he had before the war.  A copy of this information is at the National Archives.  A document #482,770 by the Bureau of Pensions dated 10 Oct 1899 had 5 questions for Jesse to answer, which he did on 16 Oct 1899 and signed as Jesse "X" (his mark) Estept.
  a.  Are you married?  Mrs. Louisa J. Estept; maiden name Louisa J. Strong
  b.  When, where, and by whom?  Fall of 1863, Cataract, Owen Co., Ind. by Rev. James Beaman
  c.  What record of this marriage exists?  Recorded in Marriage Records Owen Co. Ind. at Spencer Ind.
  d.  Were you previously married?  No, this is my first and only marriage.
  e.  Have you any children living?  1 child never 16 yrs. of age.  name Anna Pearl Estept.  Sons aged 14 years about.
(6)  Deer Creek Cemetery.  Gravestone inscription:  Estep Louise wife of Jesse b. Feb. 6, 1845 died May 6, 1901.
(7)  Louisa's death record listed her as living at the time of her death in Roachdale, Putnam Co., IN, dated 5 May 1901.  Putnam Co. Death Records Book H-6, p. 19.
(8)  James Samuel "Wesley" Estep did not like the middle name Samuel.  His name was not legally changed, but he went by James Wesley Estep for most of his life.  James kept almost daily diaries in which he wrote a few lines every day of what he did, spanning his life time from the time he was a boy of 14 years of age, until soon before his death.  It is known these diaries at the time of his death were divided among his living children.  I have transcribed genealogy related data from those that were in the possession of his youngest daughter, Maddona, finding the dates of birth for many of his children and older Estep generations.  The date for W9131 is correct to this data entry.  In addition I found a number of other entries which I feel must be shared with you the reader of this information in hopes someone can use it as these names and dates may well be the only record of them.  I believe most are the brothers and daughters of Jesse W. Estep.  Louisa Estep, born 19 Apr 1832, could be W914; Frank Estep living in Hatley Co., TX is likely W919 James Franklin Estep; John Estep living Anderson, IN Sep 1889 likely W917 Isaac John Estep; William Grimes married Margaret Estep W91-11 on 10 Jan 1869 at 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday; Levi Estep born "Nov. 12th 1843 died 19th (no month given) 1865" is W91-12.  Here is an example of a typical entry:  "Cut me 5 cords of wood today I sure am tired.  You bet!  Then went to supper at Aunt Sallie Pecks..."  [Note:  Pecks are not related but owned the farm where the Esteps lived when they moved to Putnam Co., IN.]
(9)  Gravestone inscription:  James W. Estep husband of Sarah E. born Aug 14, 1864 died Spt. 17, 1939.  Located in section R of the Forest Hill Cemetery in Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN.
(10)  Letter received from Alma Olive Estep (W91316) in 1974 stating her mother's parents were Edward Fisher, son of Edward Parker Fisher and Mary Francis (unknown).  Edward Fisher's wife was Orlena Dobbs, daughter of Anderson B. Dobbs and his wife Diana.  The Dobbs papers are part of the Genealogical Section located in the library at DePuw University, Greencastle, IN.
(11)  Putnam Co. Marriage Records Book 8, p. 381, Putnam Co., IN County Clerk's Office, Greencastle, IN.
(12)  Putnam Co. Marriage Records Book 8, # 330, Putnam Co., IN County Clerk's Office, Greencastle, IN.
(13)  This was pointed out by Alma Olive Estep (W91316) during an interview in her home in 1973 [unproven].
(14)  Putnam Co. Marriage Records Book 9, # 397, County Clerk's Office, Greencastle, IN.
(15)  Putnam Co. Death Records For City of Greencastle, p. 37, Health Dept., Putnam Co. Courthouse,
Greencastle, IN.  At the time of his death, he was a widower.
(16)  Putnam Co. Death Records Book R, p. 35, Health Dept., Putnam Co. Courthouse, Greencastle, IN.
(17)  Putnam Co. Marriage Records Book 13, p. 81, County Clerk's Office, Greencastle, IN.
(18)  Information from Alma Olive Estep (W91316) during interview in 1973.
(19)  Putnam Co. Death Records Book U, # 3, Health Dept., Putnam Co. Courthouse, Greencastle, IN.
(20)  Listed as Viola in Thomas Estep, Sr. book; as Vica in WAP index found in Putnam Co. Library's genealogy section in Greencastle, IN.
(21)  Putnam Co. Death Records Book G-B, # 1, Health Dept., Putnam Co. courthouse, Greencastle, IN.
(22)  Putnam Co. Marriage Records Book 13, p. 474, Putnam Co., IN County Clerk's Office, Greencastle, IN.
(23)  Lemuel Richardson died 17 Jul 1957 per Putnam Co. (IN) Health Records Book T, #3.

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