The second printing of the book

ESTEP, Thomas Sr. (c.1709 - c.1772)
of Frederick County, Maryland
and His Descendants

compiled by Margaret Elizabeth Vidal,
Mary Mellichampe, Linnaria Wheland and Martin F. Hanson, M.D.
is NOW available.

The book is now ready to be printed-on-demand and
is available from Higginson Book Company for $120.00 (softcover)
and $132.00 (hardcover) plus $7.75 (shipping/handling).
[NOTE:  As of 18 Jul 2005, the book isn't listed on their website,
but it is available print-on-demand.]

The reprint contains over 800 pages (including the preface about possible candidates for Thomas Estep's father) with a new and enhanced index by Nova A. Lemons.  The binding and photographic images have been improved.

The four authors who researched the trails of your ancestors spent many hours, days, and months over a period of years in dusty county, state, and federal offices and libraries all over the country tracking down your roots.  They have produced an excellent, well documented treasure that traces the descendants of Thomas Estep of Frederick County, MD, from his first documented appearance in "the colonies" through the next six or seven generations.  This is undoubtedly the best Estep genealogy in print.  Most of you will find your grandparents or great-grandparents in the book if you are descended from Thomas and his children (depending on your age!).

Please note that there are no updates / additions / corrections in the reprinted version.  The only change is the index section.

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Revised Index for
ESTEP, Thomas, Sr. (c.1709 - c.1772)
of Frederick County, Maryland
and His Descendants

If you already have the first printing and would like to get the enhanced index without purchasing a whole new book.  You can purchase it separately for $15.00 (including shipping/handling) from Nova A. Lemons.  Contact Nova via e-mail for ordering instructions.  This index book is now available.

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The book, first printing, is also available through the LDS Family History Library.  Check elsewhere in this site for more information about this.

We hope you will consider sharing all of the new information you accrue about the family as you stumble through the dark aisles of libraries and government offices to find documentation about the lives of our ancestors.  The purpose of this web site is for publishing additional Thomas Estep clan information which was unavailable to the authors at the time the book was written.  Guidelines on how you can submit your family history articles will answer any questions you may have or you can contact any of the persons listed on the bottom of the main page and we will be glad to help you get started.

Also, if you have documented information that conflicts with that found in the Thomas Estep book, we hope you will share this information via the web site as well.  Since much of genealogy research involves determining which conflicting possibility is most likely to be the "truth" in the absence of hard data, your information could make an valuable contribution to the history of the family.

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