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ESTEP, Thomas Sr. (c.1709 - c.1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants,
compiled by Margaret Elizabeth Vidal, Mary Mellichampe, Linnaria Wheland
and Martin F. Hanson, M.D., copyrighted 1994.

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Thomas Estep
(c.1709 - c.1772)
Frederick County, Maryland
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(c1709-c1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants.
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Martin Franklin Hanson, MD

Dr. Martin F. Hanson, one of the book authors, passed away on 10 December 2003.  He recently married Lois Jean Norris 22 November 2003 at Elwood, IN.  Dr. Hanson had contributed years and years of Estep research which was used in the Estep Family Newsletters, Estep Family Journal, and the Thomas Estep, Sr. book.  He will be greatly missed by not only family and friends, but also Estep researchers.
(Thanks to Tom Reed, nephew of Dr. Hanson, for the update.)
Margaret Elizabeth Vidal

Margaret Elizabeth Vidal passed away at North Florida Regional Medical Center on 5 January 2007.  She was 74.  Margaret was a medical secretary and served in the U. S. Air Force.  She is survived by her ex-husband, John Vidal and two children.
[Online obituary provided by Forest Meadows Funeral Home, Gainesville, FL]
A very dedicated and serious Estep researcher for years, she did not let her poor health keep her on the sidelines.  She made sure she was updated on the latest Estep research and updates for the book.  She assisted me some on the website, offering additional information as well as support.  Her last goal was to make sure that the Thomas Estep, Sr. book would still be available to future Estep researchers.  She is dearly missed by us all.