S6-12  John Frazier Estep
pp. 141, 158-165
[by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman]

[Obtained from Pike Co., KY website with permission of its website owner, Letha Berry, and Gwen Bjorkman.  To see the rest of the article, click on this link.  The article is copied as is and ties in with Phillip Lesley Estep's article.]

S6-12  John Frazier ESTEP of Pike County, Kentucky was the son of Sarah Frazier.  It is not certain who was his father.  In the 1850 census he is John Frazier, but in the later census he is known by John Estep.  James Estep and Sarah Frazier were married 7 July 1823 in Pike County, Kentucky. They had a large family of children after this date and they are listed in the book:  ESTEP, Thomas Sr., (c1709-c1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants compiled by Margaret Elizabeth Vidal, Mary Millichampe, Linnaria Wheland and Martin F. Hanson, M.D.  At the time of the writing of that book the following Revolutionary War Pension File had not been found.  This pension application proves that Sarah Frazier was the daughter of John Frazier and Hannah Graham and that her maiden name was Frazier.

The following records prove that Sarah Frazier had children before her marriage to James Estep.

1818 Dec 21 Ordered that James Estep and Sally Frazier and Robert Spriggs to be summoned to appear next court to show cause why their children shall not be bound out according to law.  Floyd Co, KY CO 3:.

1823 April Court.  Ordered that a subpoena be awarded against James Estep and Sarah Frazier to appear here next Court to show cause if any they can, why their children shall not be bound out according to law.  Pike Co, KY CO A:61.

There are two more court items before this one:

1823 September Court.  Ordered that no subpoena be issued against Sarah Frazer nor William Hall ---- being out of State, to show cause why they nor their children shall not be bound out.

James Estep and Sarah Frazier had married on the 7th of July 1823 and moved over the line into Buchanan County, Virginia by September of that year.

For additional references see my articles:

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Revolutionary War Pension File: F-R3765 Microfilm Roll #1019 John Frazier

No. 8,215 Hannah Frazier decd widow of Jno Senr Virginia Rejected Let Arch Peery July 9, 1859 Act July 4, 1836.  [Letter stamped Pension Office 24 May 1859, addressed to Arch Peery, Jeffersonville, Tazewell Co., VA. written on envelope John Frazier VA or Tenn.  They only copied one side of these documents on the microfilm.]

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